About Me

I’ve worked in Marketing and Communications for the past 20 years (give or take). I love what I do, there’s always something new to tackle, some creative problem to solve, and a new tool or method to learn.


Over the time I’ve worked in this field, it has changed so much, and moved from “traditional” marketing methods where brands were in complete control over the message, into our current online world where customers have just as much say in the messages that are out there about a company or brand as the company itself does.


I firmly believe that understanding all aspects of the business and how it operates is absolutely fundamental to being successful in a Marketing role.  Every part of the business can affect a company’s reputation, from the greeting someone gets when they walk into a reception area, to the quality of the product or service they receive, to how easy an invoice is to read. A Marketing professional that is knowledgeable about how the business is run is in a much better position to advise and develop strategy that will help grow the bottom line.


This is a challenge I enjoy.

"Huge kudos to Nancy and her team for being focused and responsive,
and completely solving all the last-minute tech obstacles."
Colonel Chris Hadfield
Retired astronaut, first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station, musician, speaker and book author