Marketing Strategy & Planning

Strategy is as much deciding what not to do as it is deciding what to do. It is understanding what the end goal looks like and mapping a clear, measurable, achievable plan to get there.

Throughout my career, I have been involved in corporate planning sessions to assist in defining the overall strategy for the organization, with responsibility for bringing that vision back to the Marketing team and developing integrated marketing plans to support corporate objectives. I have also been extensively involved in strategic account planning, working closely with Sales to create individual account plans that include account based marketing initiatives.

Content Marketing

Websites. Case studies. E-books. Social Media. Blogs. Videos. Webinars. Content marketing can be a complex maze of “stuff”. The trick is in knowing how to fit it all together to create a compelling customer journey.

I have developed and implemented content marketing initiatives to support top-, mid-, and bottom-of-funnel customer journey maps in collaboration with Sales and Operations managers, in order to continually engage and nurture existing customers as well as attract new prospects. In many instances, I initiated the introduction of various content and digital marketing tactics within the company as marketing technology evolved and new tools became available.

Lead Generation

Attracting new leads is an integral part of any corporate marketing strategy. It is also where the classic stress point between Marketing and Sales can occur, which means close collaboration between the teams is key to success.

My approach to lead generation is first to work closely with Sales to define the characteristics of good marketing qualified and sales qualified leads, then campaigns are developed to engage and attract those leads. I also have extensive experience managing CRM systems, ensuring leads and opportunities are tracked through the various sales stages from acquisition to close, and measuring results in order to continually assess and refine tactics for maximum success. 

Brand Management

An effective brand is about more than just a logo and color scheme, or the other visual elements of the brand. It’s also about the perception of your organization within the market you serve, in other words, how customers feel about your organization and the experience of doing business with you.

My expertise includes not only managing the development or evolution of corporate visual brands and websites, but also the implementation of customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score programs that allowed us to measure customer sentiment and determine where action was necessary in order to improve the overall customer experience.

Event Management

A well planned, well executed event leaves a lasting impression on attendees, and can be one of the most effective ways to promote an organization’s products and services.

Over the course of my career, I have been responsible for successfully planning and executing a wide range of customer-facing events including multi-day conferences, educational and training programs, tradeshows, golf tournaments, social events and tradeshows. My event management experience includes both working independently and managing a team, accountable for end-to-end execution from conceptualization through to post-event analysis and follow-up.

Team Leadership

Teams come in all shapes and sizes, and the ability to direct, influence and collaborate with all types of team members is a critical skill in achieving the best results.

Throughout my career, I have worked extensively with colleagues in all organizational departments, from Sales to Operations to Product Development to Finance, in order to ensure Marketing strategy was well aligned with organizational goals. I have been a Marketing team of one, with responsibility for complete in-house execution of all initiatives, and I have led Marketing teams comprised of internal and third-party team members to deliver measurable results based on the defined strategy.

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