Education Program Development

Autopro School of Technology

To increase awareness among Autopro customers of all the services we offered and the depth of expertise of our technical team, I developed the School of Technology program which delivered both in-person and online technical sessions in either half-day or webinar formats.  

The in-person events were conducted in various locations around Western Canada throughout the year, targeting existing and prospective customers in a given geographic location with topics identified as being most relevant and applicable to that target group. The webinars were delivered live on a monthly basis as one-hour sessions and subsequently added to the website as on-demand sessions used for on-going lead generation.

In planning each event, I worked closely with Business Development and Operations management to determine the most appropriate topics and speakers for each session, then collaborated with the speaker(s), usually one of our senior technical experts, to ensure the content developed for the session met established guidelines for quality, educational focus and appropriate complexity for the target audience.

Promotion of each event was done through a combination of targeted social media, email campaigns and direct invitations.

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